"Becoming Rich" (2018) – Behind-the-Scenes Q&A SuperImage, Ltd.

This week we talk with the crew of the award-winning documentary "Becoming Rich" (2018), including famed magician, mentalist and YouTube personality Rich Ferguson! In this film by Carlos Plummer, we follow the story of magician, mentalist, prankster, YouTube celebrity and family man Rich Ferguson as he takes us through his rags-to-riches life.
  1. "Becoming Rich" (2018) – Behind-the-Scenes Q&A
  2. "Gizmo" (2021) – Behind-the-Scenes Interview
  3. Carla Patullo – Composer/Screenwriter
  4. "Sara" (2021) – Cast/Crew Q&A
  5. 2021 Oscars – Predictions and Discussion

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